The Year Ahead - BU Trampolining

It has finally come round, BU Trampolining has been a recognised University club for a year now and it's time to handover to some fresh faces with new ideas. The role of President is being handed over to first year student, Matt Nugent.

Being the founder of the club, it's really hard to let go and let someone else have full control over it, and I'm not sure I'd opt to completely step back from it, if it weren't for my placement year. We've decided to do a 'handover' semester where the committee and I will work closely with Matt to ensure he is completely confident and comfortable in his new role. He will then take full control of the club from Easter onwards.

I have complete faith in Matt and his ability to run the club. Over the past semester he has shown huge dedication to BU Trampolining and is a National Level C Competitor, so can take the club to a level I cannot - I haven't competed in seven years, that in itself is a terrifying thought.

So, I thought I'd use this space to reflect on everything BU Trampolining has done over the last year. I'm not going to pretend it's been easy, but it has been incredibly rewarding and I'm so glad the people I had around me a year ago encouraged me to pursue the club.

Trampolining is a sport open to all ages, all fitness levels and all abilities, I never understood why universities didn't automatically have a club. Oxford Brookes didn't and neither did Bournemouth, well, until I arrived. When actually beginning to research everything that was needed for the club, I began to see just why universities were leaving it well alone; the insurance, the health and safety, the coaching ability, to name but a few. It would have been a long and tedious process and probably one that would not have been completed in my time at Bournemouth University if had not been for Ringwood and Bournemouth Trampoline Club. 

Ringwood and Bournemouth Trampoline Club is where I trained when I was growing up - I used to spend most of my time gazing at the amazing competitors like Jem Camble and Imogen Gunner though. But the club was incredible, every coach I worked with was passionate and everyone training around me was dedicated, you couldn't ask for more. And one of the strong advantages of going to university where you live, you already have the contacts.

Rosie Bascombe, who is the head coach at R&B was extremely keen to establish a link with Bournemouth University and opened up one of her sessions to us, which now, I think we have slightly taken over. Starting with one bed in the corner, we now run four of the six beds available. Not only did she accommodate for our members by finding extra beds, extra coaches, she negotiated on prices to make them "student-friendly". Without her, BU Trampolining would probably be sat on its original piece of paper I carried round with me for the first four months of my life at Bournemouth Uni.

With the sessions ready to go, we needed to become an established club at the university, for which you need a committee of five people. Our original committee consisted of myself, Fleurie Forbes-Martin, Kristian Ward, Shenique Edwards, Hannah Rowley and Jessica Fosher. And then we needed members. This is where having a committee of mainly PR students was an enormous help. We all had a lot of ideas for promotion strategies. And as far as I'm concerned out of everything we did, only two of them had the major impact. And this is where I attempt to link all of this to my degree... 

1. I struck lucky, a friend was the Sports Editor of Nerve - the student magazine - and offered to write an article on the launch of BU Trampolining. You can read this article here. Not that I had to pitch for this feature or write a press release or anything else that would happen in the world outside of university, but the basics are there.
  • CONTACTS - I'd love to assume that I'd have been able to get an article into the magazine without knowing anyone there but that's just not realistic. And even if I had, I would have had to have written it.. 
  • Publishing articles in magazines/newspapers. One article had an enormous response, and turned our club from a five person hobby to the serious, competing University club that it is today. Proving the value in the written word still exists. 
2. Facebook.
It drives me insane sometimes, but for promotions, especially when your audience is students, you can't lose.
One facebook group was the platform for communication the club needed as a follow up from the article, creating events for socials and sessions, messaging members, displaying photos.. it really does everything you'd need. And it's FREE. A huge benefit for someone running a university club with no budget. Our online presence of one group grew to include to a page as facebook updated.

I'm sure I'm portraying my basic point of YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE. But you really can't. Our committee undertook a few changes as we grew in membership. Abi Taylor joined us, bringing with her the strong recommendation that we enforced kit. This kit is the sole reason why we are now a recognisable brand on campus. Mike Butchers also joined us as Fleurie, Kristian and Jess left. And this is how the committee has remained up until this point. Now, all of us are off on placements, giving Matt the full potential to change anything and everything about the club - a very scary prospect! I just hope all that were there to help me will continue their support toward Matt.

So I do have an awful lot of people to thank for their involvement in the past year at BU Trampolining.

Rosie Bascombe
All at R&B Trampoline Club

Ally Hanks
Debbie Payne
Annabelle Spender
Toby Horner
All at the Students Union

Fleurie Forbes-Martin
Hannah Rowley
Kristian Ward
Shenique Edwards
Jessica Fosher
Abigail Taylor
Michael Butchers

Niall Malone
All at Nerve Magazine

Marc Rosenthal
Ben Reynolds
Simon Constant

Joseph Kent
Joshua Saunders

and anyone else that I missed, I'm very sorry.  

So that's the year gone.. and I now have to thank those who aim to continue to run BU Trampolining for the year ahead;
Matthew Nugent and his choice of committee who continue the legacy on. I wish you all the best of luck and have no doubts that you will succeed. 

So I guess what I'm saying is I've been blessed to have some really amazing people in my life who have wanted to help. BU Trampolining would not exist without each and every one of you. 

Jessica North

Author & Editor

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