Being Interactive

We’re surrounded by it.. whether it’s on our wii, on our televisions or online. Brands are striving to be interactive.. and if they’re not. They’re missing out.

I know I’ve already used this example, but it is fantastic.. and it is interactive. The Tesco Mobile App.

Combining seamless brands, mobile marketing and interactivity. All in one mobile phone application, pretty good going really.

"Interactivity involves two-way communications. Traditionally that two-way communication is live between instructor and student, but it may also be peer-to-peer communication in a collaborative learning environment. The communication may take the form of voice, data, video, or audio."

And what’s a good way to be interactive... you guessed it, online media - particularly twitter and facebook.
Remember the horrific snow before Christmas? Living in the middle of nowhere and being far too scared to drive anywhere, I was relying heavily on public transport to get myself to and from work. Chances are though, if I won’t drive, neither will they. Our local bus company, Wilts and Dorset used a facebook page to keep their consumers updated on which services were running. They updated it frequently, punctually and responded to any queries people may post. It’s not their fault we had such a horrific Winter but they dealt with it extremely well. Only issue you raise with that; were the audience who are not necessarily on facebook made aware that they could access this information without having an account? I can’t imagine my grandmother checking facebook to see if her bus was running.

Same thing for First Capital Connect... I can’t stand them, they’re always late and when they do turn up, I’m worried for my life as more often than not, it looks like a tin can sliding along the rails. However, they have a strong presence on twitter.. and you could safely assume a lot of commuters are on twitter. When services are delayed or there are any issues, they’re the first to update their profile. I only found that out by badmouthing them for being late on twitter

Would quite like
#firstcapitalconnect to run on time just once

and they found me, whilst I was still waiting... Impressive use of social media. I’ll think twice about badmouthing them again now... apart from above.

Jessica North

Author & Editor

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