PR Week: Top Tips to get into PR

I was just flicking through today's PR Week and found a great list of top tips for people trying to get in PR. I thought I'd share it with you all in case you don't have a subscription. They are from Lorna Gozard.

Here are my tips on getting that first break in PR.
1. Remember the 'grad schemes'... There are plenty available.
2. It is worth spreading your net wide. If they have your details on file, it might help you be front of mind.
3. Tailor your covering letters. Show that you know about the agency and have a passion for PR work.
4. Make the most of your work experience and try to impress.
5. Look at paid internships - even if the firm you are working for does not take you on it is great experience.
6. Think about 'route in' careers, such as marketing, social media or event-related work.
7. Do not fixate on London - there are some great agencies and in-house roles based around the country.
8. Make the most of your interview and prepare for it properly. Be switched on to recent news stories and what is going on in PR/social media, and be a little bit early.

Good luck!

Jessica North

Author & Editor

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