Beat January

2013 is finally here... And so is a new blog post.

As the blog comes up to it's second birthday, I thought I'd reflect on its past year and what's coming up in the next year. But first, only two days into 2013 and a campaign has already impressed me. It would, of course, be from the fabulous Innocent.

Innocent have yet again come up with a brilliant New Year campaign. Remember 2010 with the rabbit?

Innocent Smoothies... two of your five a day. This ad was supported with press, posters and online advertising.

2011 saw a much bigger campaign (2.7 million to be precise) proving simplicity is effective.

This was supported by posters, iPhone app, dedicated website and on-pack/in-store activities.

Now what have they come up with this year? Well, I'm sure we all have January blues, a few extra pounds, a diet and resolutions in place - that for the most of us, will probably be long gone by February.

For the past two years, I've had the same resolution: For every item of clothing I buy, I have to give an item to charity. For the most part, this works fairly well. This year, I'm going one step further. For every item of clothing, bag and pair of shoes I buy... one goes to charity. My heart's breaking a little already. 

But, onto Innocent. Yet again proving to be the brand next door... yes I said brand, not boy. Their 2013 campaign is entitled Beat January. You've probably seen the posters around already but check out the website.

Four new games that are guaranteed to make you smile, I've already sent it to my nearest and dearest. My favourite might be the dot of positivity... what was yours?

So, how can Simply PR beat January? Last year, I said that I hoped my blog's statistics would double. Well, they have in fact tripled with the most popular post this year from guest, Ann-Marie Bailey on her #raisingtheprofile live Q&A's on Twitter.

So for 2013, I hope that despite having a dissertation to write, jobs to hunt for and graduation... that the readership to Simply PR continues and the posts remain to be helpful to you all.

I am also setting up an online portfolio of my work... beats carrying it around right?!

Happy New Year,


Jessica North

Author & Editor

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