Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

You may recognise the above quote from Helen Keller, American author and political figure. Quite simply it seemed rather fitting for my latest charity mission.

My housemate, Amanda Cordrey is 100% amazing at volunteering, charity work and anything and everything she can do for it in her spare time, whilst you'd find me knee-deep in industry news, you'll find her at a local fundraising event. She's writing her dissertation this year on a local charity, KiteRight; they use Kite-Sports to 'empower, support, change, educate and employ people with physical, mental or learning challenges.' In the few months they've been set up, they've achieved an awful lot. 

That is why I have decided to fall to my death for them... Well, hopefully not, but I will be completing a sky-dive for them in May this year. I've chosen to do this for so many reasons but mainly I truly believe in what they're doing, sport can help people in so many ways. 

Last year, I suffered from 'Complex Concussion', and for a long period, I was instructed not to work, drive, watch TV, be on the computer or even read, basically anything other than laying down flat on a bed. Obviously, that includes any kind of sport, gym, running or even walking without supervision in case of dizziness and fainting. It was not fun. I am not somebody who likes to sit and do nothing, even for a minute. I'm a fidget and I get bored of 'nothing' very quickly. After just an hour of literally doing just that, I was going out of my mind. For those who know me well, you'll know exercise is a huge part of my life, especially with Trampolining. When I returned to work and started watching a little TV and using my laptop, I still wasn't allowed back to exercise. This went on for a few months and each day dragged more than the last. Now, this may have bored me half to death and I don't wish it on anyone but the simple matter is, sometimes this is everyday life for people. They don't feel they can participate in sports for one reason or another and miss out on the incredible joy, relaxation and anger therapy (maybe that's just PRs?!) it can bring to your life, not to mention the people you meet and the healthier lifestyle. KiteRight provides an outlet and an opportunity for these people, and in doing so, specialises in a sport that I've never even tried, but I do fully intend to!

So, for all you lovely people who want to support this cause, or in my brother's case simply watch his sister scream a lot, you can visit the fundraising page: 

I thank you in advance and, my brother kindly sent me this to prepare myself for the skydive - what a gent! 

Jessica North

Author & Editor

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