Top 10 Creative Job Applications

Last year, BBC News released a stat saying for every graduate post; they receive 52 applications – an 11% increase on the year before. In fact, one internship I applied for had over 500 applicants. 

So how can you make your application stand out? Well let’s learn from the best. Here are my top ten creative job applications: 

10. Using Pinterest
Jeanne Hwang wanted to work for Pinterest so created her application through the site itself: 

It didn't work for Pinterest but she did get a job offer from an analytics company from it. 

9. Using QR Codes
Victor Petit created 'the talking CV' by placing this QR code on the back of his CV: 

This original digital content-rich CV led to an internship with a Communications agency. 

8. Using Videos as a cover letter
Gareth Cash created this simple, yet effective 'My Cover Letter' video. 

This led to an internship with 4Creative.
PS His website is pretty amazing too! 

7. Using Videos to show off your skills
James Goldie created this to show off his skills and catch the eye of Australian company, Pollenizer: 

He got the job!

6. Using everything to get to Google! 
Matthew Epstein wants to work at Google... who doesn't?! He put together this video and website

He didn't end up with Google but he did get over 80 job offers from it! 

5. Using Billboards
You may recognise this one, Adam Pacitti hired a billboard, created a website, a video CV and using Twitter and Facebook watched his campaign go viral in less than 24 hours. He achieved coverage in The Daily MailThe Mirror and The Independent to name a few. 

Well, he certainly achieved a lot of coverage and attention. But there are some cynics among the fans. Tracey Barrett from Blue Sky PR aired her concerns over his job application. He did find work though - he is now employed. 

4. Using initiative to create the job 
Lindsay Blackwell wanted to work at the University of Michigan. She created stunning website, Dear Lisa Rudgers featuring this video: 

She didn't get the job but she found another one out of it! 

3. Using videos interactively 
Graeme Anthony applied to We Are Social, and as with any creative agency - you should stand out too! He used this interactive video experience to capture their hearts: 

We Are Social blogged about the application but stated unfortunately they just didn't have any open positions. He ended up with another high-roller instead, Frank PR.

2. Using AdWords
Alec Brownstein decided that as a top director, you may Google yourself every now and then so he bought out the Ads for six top directors he wanted to work for, pointing them to his online CV. Check out his video below: 

From this, he received two job offers. 

1. Using videos to target the agency
This is the first 'creative' application I ever saw and remains my favourite. Simple but so effective, Laura Tosney created this video as a part of a larger application for 33 Digital. Titled 33 Reasons to Hire Me but don't worry, she only actually lists 5! 

She got the job... obviously! 

So that was my top ten. A couple of my peers have done some unique applications also: 

  • For a summer internship in California at TOMS, final year International Business Management student Amanda Cordrey created a brand new CV and dedicated her website to this cute Prezi: 

  • For another summer internship with Bournemouth based company, King of Watersports, final year PR student Fleurie Forbes-Martin tailor-made this CV for the firm, showing off her passion for the work with a watersport based theme! 

Jessica North

Author & Editor

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