Decisions, Decisions

After finishing your final year at university, your sole focus becomes about jobs and careers. Will you take time off for a while, travel, work in the industry you studied or change industries? My three flatmates and I have taken completely different routes to our graduate life but for all, it seems the waiting game has been the least fun.

How do you know what to do? How do you line up your positions and get the timing right, what happens when you're offered one role but waiting to hear back from another? These are all crucial decisions to make and it can suddenly seem all very serious as a permanent role rather than placement. All of us have suffered with various different issues and it can be a little daunting. Before my placement, I was dating someone in Bournemouth and the decision to move to London and away from him was a difficult one but I've always tried to put my career before my personal life.

One of my flatmates studied PR and wanted to stay in the industry, she was in talks with her placement company and a local company to Bournemouth that focus on Digital Marketing. It was a close call and she had to move her interview time to line both agencies up but eventually she was offered both and chose to stay in Bournemouth, so now she has to find somewhere to live and adjust to life in her university town with very few of her peers left.

Another one of my flatmates studied PR and wanted to work in London in an agency. She went through recruitment companies, applied to some graduate schemes and spoke with her placement company. After many interviews, she was offered a technology graduate role with a top agency in London and had one more round left with her placement company. She kept the graduate role on hold whilst she interviewed and when it was offered chose to stay with her placement company. Throughout a lot of this semester she has been back and forth to London for interviews, with no expenses paid. Upon agreeing to rejoin her placement company, she then had the task of flat-hunting - not so easy when you're not in the area!

My third flatmate studied International Business Studies but has been heavily involved in charities throughout her entire degree. She wanted to use both these skills in looking for careers, with an open mind about location, she's currently hunting out various fundraising and coordinating roles in the not for profit sector. Job hunting can be stressful and scary, especially in the current market. If you don't know what you're doing or where you're going, you have to make the decision whether to get a temporary job in a bar or office or whether you end up back home with the parents...

But that's not to say it won't be hard. It's always going to feel strange leaving the life you've had at university with such close proximity to all your friends. It's always going to be scary growing up, but good-scared, we're all doing incredibly exciting things and this is just the beginning of the rest of our lives; the start of our careers and everything is yet to come. Hopefully fear won't get in our way!

My flatmates and I at our last summer ball, Bournemouth University. 

Jessica North

Author & Editor

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